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Agricultural Works

Water & Slurry Lagoons

Water Lagoons are one of the main services we provide to farmers throughout the province. Herron Contracts have provided this agricultural service in both Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. Slurry Lagoons are also a popular option for many farmers, our service can include the groundworks and clearing of suitable land for a lagoon to be situated in. We can also provide advice on land suitability and the location of Lagoons.

Land Reclaiming

Herron Contractors can provide land reclaiming services. Our full range of ground and earth works allow you to maximise all land to it’s maximum area by availing of this service. Our large range of available plant ensures we are never stuck for a solution to a problem.

Land Reclaiming

Herron Contractors have a large Plant Hire Section, all our plant is hired with a qualified insured driver or operator, so you will get your project completed in a faster time with no concerns. View our plant section on the website to view our plant.

Ground Works

Herron Contractors can perform all types of ground works for agricultural purposes. Some of these services include, new entrances, driveways, clearing hedges, large tree and hedge removal, earthworks, drainage, waterways cleared and shored.

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